Nico Chkifi

Nico Chkifi


Nicolas Chkifi (1981) is a drummer, composer and educator living in Brussels, Belgium.

He is currently leading GANG, a quartet with Augusto Pirodda, Gregor Siedl and Garif Telzhanov.
He is also the co-leader of a duo called DOKO with Gregor Siedl, where the music is totally improvised.
He plays in several other groups like EDI OLVITT and Antoine Guenet trio and you can hear him drumming with singer-song writer and pianist Susan Clynes.

Nicolas Chkifi played in many venues and festivals in Belgium and toured in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Sweden. Since 2009, he is teaching drums and jazz combo in the music academy of Brussels and he is leading our dynamic percussion street band Fanfakids since 2013.