New master class weekend with our groups 24-26 March - 15/03/2023

New master class weekend with our groups 24-26 March

At the end of March, our colourful collectif of musicians will once again turn the Destelheide Training Centre upside down. During a whole weekend, more than 50 members from groups like BRUiTAL, Remork & Karkaba, Fanfakids and Fatmas de Belgica will prepare for the coming concert season. With rehearsals, workshops, try outs and some surprises du chef!



After our residency last year in Laeken, we will return this spring to the rural village of Dworp near Beersel. From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 March, our musicians of all levels and ages will work, play and mingle together.


On the programme: rehearsals per group, collective workshops on improvisation, rhythms from Benin and body percussion, plus closing performances on Sunday. In between this hard work, participants will have plenty of time to enjoy the countryside, have a drink or start to jam.


Can’t wait to be there? Discover last year’s aftermovie in GC Nekkersdal (above) and the report by Saïd Al-Haddad (BRUZZ) about our stay in Destelheide back in 2019:





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