New MetX wild card for Robbe Latré - 25/08/2023

New MetX wild card for Robbe Latré

You may know him as a trumpet player and bandleader with techno brass band NAFT and afro groove machine M.CHUZI. But Robbe Latré, alias Robbe Bey, is also active as a teacher, youth worker and anthropologist from his home base in Brussels. In 2023, a wild card from MetX will give him the opportunity to artistically deepen this ‘grand écart’.


Balancing between improvisation and composition, Robbe and a collective of like-minded musicians go in search of a unique sound palette that reflects the metropolitan musical diversity and jazz attitude. Drawing inspiration from Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga, Beninese groove and other traditions that resonate in Brussels. The collective consists of Lúcia Pires (dwarsfluit), Joost Vandueren (tenor saxophone), Paula Léon (bass guitar and percussion), Hicham Bilali (guembri), Kaito Winse (flute & talking drums), Falke Schrauwen (drums) and Robbe himself (trumpet).


Using public and private jam formats, sampling and digital collage techniques, they want to open the door to a wider audience of both musicians and music lovers. A first try-out will take place on October 7 during the Colora Festival in Leuven.


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