Marockin' Brass ft Byron Wallen



03 December >  Kick-off for Marockin Brass ft Byron Wallen!

Last weekend, the musicians of this new project gave the very first concert of the Jazzlab tour in KC Nona. And how!? The venue was sold out and by the end of the performance the audience was standing straight up and dancing! That’s a promising start :) Next date: 6 December at Flagey.


02 September >  Marockin’ Brass starts to rehearse with Byron Wallen & Rod Youngs

After King Ayisoba and Wind Afrique playing together with Brassafrik & the Ghana connections, we have the pleasure to welcome another two exceptional musicians: trumpet player Byron Wallen (UK) and Drummer Rod Youngs (UK). They start to rehearse the new work written for the project with Marockin’ Brass. The first series of concerts will be a Jazzlabseries in December! To be continued…


23 March >  2012 - Marockin’ Brass & deFilharmonie

What do the musicians of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic orchestra and Marockin' Brass have in common? On the 30th of March quite a lot! They will perform seperately and together, on a new composition of Luc Mishalle. More info via


12 May >  2012 - Marockin’ Brass adds new flavours …

The following season, Marockin Brass will continue to make you want to move your body on its (north-) African rhythms with its extremely groovy melodies. And… the band will do so with a lot of enthusiasm while they welcome artists with instruments such as flute, congas, pandeiro, etc! Those new instruments will add fresh flavors and will make you travel even more throughout their unique repertoire… You can find more info as well as concert dates of Marockin’ Brass on this website. Check them out at one of their next concerts!


02 December >  2009 - Marockin' Brass on Myspace!

From now on you can check out more music and pictures of Marockin' Brass on their brand new myspace! The place to be:


14 July >  2009 - Play along with the MO* contest and win a 'Zazzat' CD!

To participate, go to the website of MO* using the following link: and give the correct answer to the question. The contest will be closed on 24 July.

Good luck and enjoy the music!


09 July >  2009 - The visa of the Maroccan percussionists have been denied

The visa of the 3 Maroccan percussionists from Ouarzazate have been refused. The musicians were supposed to travel to Belgium for the summertour of Marockin' Brass, to present the group's new CD 'Zazzat'. MET-X regrets this very much but guarantees that the quality of the planned concerts will not be affected. Rehearsals have started with Marockin' Brass and 3 Maroccan percussionists from Brussels, to make sure that the concerts will be tight and full of energy!


02 July >  2009 - Marockin' Brass presents its new CD 'Zazzat' with a summertour!

The tourdata for Marockin' Brass are:

11 July : 17.45 - The Music Village (Brussels)
15 July : 21.00 - Stuivenbergplein (Antwerp)
16 July : 20.00 - Europark, Linkeroever (Antwerp)
17 July : 20.00 - Alfons De Cockplein, Kiel
18 July : 16.00 - Frans Van Hombeeckplein, Berchem
19 July : 16.00 - Krügerplein, Borgerhout
21 July : 16.00 – Rouppeplein (Brussels)

Don't miss them!

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Marockin’ Brass presents a steaming Gnawa Jazz project with the British trumpeter Byron Wallen and the drummer Rod Youngs. The album will be released in spring 2014.

The connection between the poly layered soundscapes, Q&A-structures and a multitude of acoustic timbres is dazzlingly effective. It all just happens, organically, on the vertex of a dialogue between the sublime section of jazz’s finest virtuosi with Moroccan Gnawa masters. The improvisation language is slashing. The rhythm section is ruthless. This band propels the groove from the deepest spot and infects you with a straightforward energy. Generous and beyond measure…

Why Wallen? Since Luc Mishalle and Byron Wallen first met in 2005 (‘Klinkende Munt’ festival, Brussels) their mutual interest in gnawa music and how to deal with it in a ‘jazz’ context was something of a revelation. In later meetings it also became clear that the writing of Byron and Luc had affinities: an interest in shifting rhythmic patterns, deceptively simple melodies, intricate horizontal interweaving rather than vertical harmonizing, fragmentation of written material etc.

LINE UP: Byron Wallen: trumpet, composition / Luc Mishalle: Soprano saxophones, composition / Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet, flugelhorn / Pascal Rousseau: tuba / Rida Stitou: sentir, krakeb, lead vocals / Driss Filali: krakeb, tbel, backing vocals / Abderahmane Bouhamidy: bendir, krakeb, vocals / Rod Youngs: drums

WORKSHOPS & MASTERCLASSES: Byron Wallen, Luc Mishalle and Rida Stitou give several workshops to groups of musicians of different levels. A great part of the repertoire will be orally conveyed and a focus will lie on interpretation of musical structures and improvisation.


Booking & production:
Press & communication:

Marockin' Brass is the result of a long-lasting love and a thorough analysis of (north)-African rhythms on which they layer their melodic lines that refer to jazz, contemporary music as well as to non-western musical vocabulary. The result is astonishingly fresh and sounds as if Brussels had always been a harbour at the Mediterranean sea. The answer lies undoubtedly in the great amount of respect that is used to intertwine both musical traditions. Hang in there for some steaming gnaoua or sweaty shaabi-funk accompanied by some redhot brass that will blow the sand out of your ears! Their music is the anthem of the new urban nomad.

The artistic traject of Marockin’ Brass is flavoured by
several international interchanges throughout the years. Recently, the band travelled to Burkina Faso to prepare and record a new repertoire, together with Trevor Watts (UK), Adama Drame (BF) and his percussion band Foliba. This project named 11SONGS was performed during a European tour in 2011 and the new album was released on the MET-X label A-Shams.

Luc Mishalle: musical direction, soprano- & tenorsaxes; Rida Stitou: krakeb; Pascal Rousseau: basstuba; Jean-Paul Estievenart: trumpet; Véronique Delmelle: alto- & baritonesaxes; Esinam Dogbatse: flute; Mina Canto: percussions; Mohamed El Ouazghari:tbel

Info & booking: - 02 218 70 52

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