Bal Maské & AGO la Fiest’Art @ Vaux-Hall Summer - 18/06/2024

Bal Maské & AGO la Fiest’Art @ Vaux-Hall Summer

This summer, our musicians invite you to the timeless bubble of the Vaux-Hall in Brussels. On 6/07, BRUiTAL meets Karrakallas, DROM and Atelier Leon organise a Bal Maské with trance grooves and punk dance. And on 3/08 Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun, GanGan TNS and others will plunge you into the infectious dances, rhythms and musical traditions of West Africa at AGO la Fiest’Art.


The Vaux-Hall is an 18th-century recreation park in the Parc de Bruxelles, hidden behind the Théâtre Royal du Parc. On summer weekends, the City of Brussels offers a series of free cultural activities in this magical setting, known as Vaux-Hall Summer. From Thursday to Sunday, you can enjoy a rich programme of events and a wide range of artists. Workshops, film screenings, performances, DJ sets… and this year also some evening programmes entirely organised by MetX musicians!


Bal Maské – Saturday 6/07 from 18:30 till 23:00

A full programme of dance and irresistible rhythms that will leave no one indifferent. From minimalist choreography to ad hoc improvisation, from trance grooves to punk dance with a blind spot, masked or not! Take part in the Leon Workshop with Seppe Baeyens or make your own mask with Lena Van Drie. Afterwards, enjoy performances by BRUiTAL meets Karrakallas, DROM + B.T. DZZORCHESTRA electronics and the closing DJ set by Stef Heren.


▪️ 18h30 – 20h : Atelier Leon on tour + worshop masks

▪️ 20h15 – 21h : BRUiTAL meets Karrakallas + participation by the public with masks

▪️ 21h15 – 22h : DROM + B.T. DZZZORCHESTRA electronics

▪️ 22h – 23h : Stef Heren


More info about Bal Maské at Vaux-Hall Summer


AGO la Fiest’Art – Saturday 3/08 from 18:30 till 23:00

An evening programme dedicated to Beninese grooves and dance moves! AGO la Fiest’Art immerses you in the infectious dances, rhythms and musical traditions of West Africa. Choreographer Raoul Ayitevi and percussionist Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun invite you to join them for an introduction to dance and percussion. Then you can get your groove on with concerts by Brussels fusion projects GanGan The New Style & Ejas Grooves !


▪️  18h30 – 19h : GanGan TNS

▪️  19h30 – 20h30 : Workshop Dance (introduction to traditional dance from Benin with choreographer Raoul Ayitevi) + Workshop Percussion (Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun)

▪️  20h45 – 21h15 : Fusion GanGan TNS + Fanfare

▪️  21h30 – 22h45 : Ejas Grooves


More info about AGO la Fiest’Art at Vaux-Hall Summer



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