MetX – Moving Music is a production house for urban music, operating from Brussels.

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MikMâäk records new live album at W:Halll

Early 2019, MikMâäk was resident band at the W:Halll in Woluwe Saint-Pierre (Brussels). Jazz trumpeteer Laurent Blondiau and his fellow musicians have benefited from the occasion to record a new live album and perform on Friday the 1st of February. MikMâäk is anything but your average bigband: 16 top musicians with astonishing personalities, a repertoire […]

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Starting the new year with MegafoniX Jam Supreme

On January 24 we invited all participants and partners of MegafoniX for a massive jam session. Through this participatory musical project, driven by the district development contract Jonction, we connected residents from the Brussels neighbourhood Les Marolles with professional artists. At this jam event, we shared some highlights of MegafoniX and presented our other participatory […]

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Highlights of 20 years Mâäk

Early December, the original partners in crime of Mâäk played four exclusive concerts. This exceptional Mâäk Five reunion concluded the 20th anniversary of the renowned jazz collective. Throughout 2018, Mâäk Quintet, MikMâäk and Mâäk KOJO also displayed the collective’s tireless spirit. An overview of this anniversary year’s highlights … and a preview of the best […]

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