ESINAM presents: ReBirth of Hope @ Concertgebouw Brugge 23 June - 24/04/2024

ESINAM presents: ReBirth of Hope @ Concertgebouw Brugge 23 June

In 2024 MetX and Concertgebouw Brugge give ESINAM carte blanche for a brand new creation on the theme of birth. Inspired by her West African roots, she sets to work with poetry, vocals and music, and forms an all-female line-up around her: Tutu Puoane, Wassa Kouyaté, Louise van den Heuvel and Sarah Van Impe.


Besides a start or a new chapter in life, birth for ESINAM is also about transformation: an important transition point between past and future. An undisputed moment of celebration, it unites people and invites them to take part in rituals that we sometimes tend to forget.


Like grief for the departed, the birth of new hope for ESINAM is linked to the cycle of life. For ReBirth of Hope, she opens herself up to her deepest emotions and poetry, embarking on a profound artistic and human expedition based on her Ghanaian roots.



Drawing on untapped inspiration and other sources of mystery, she expands her widely acclaimed musical vocabulary with pure, personal poetry on one hand. And builds on the different identities and artistic backgrounds of the band members on the other hand. Together, they experiment with their different visions of life and music, until a collective peace of mind emerges that invites the audience into a transformative rite.


ESINAM: ReBirth of Hope
23 June – 17:00
@ Concertgebouw Brugge
‘t Zand 34, 8000 Bruges


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ESINAM: concept, lyrics & compositions + flute, percussion & more
Tutu Puoane: lead vocals
Louise van den Heuvel: bass & vocals
Wassa Kouyaté: kora & vocals
Sarah Van Impe: percussion & vocals
A co-production by MetX & Concertgebouw Brugge in partnership with KAAP


Before the performance at the Concertgebouw Brugge, several concerts will be held in the city centre and a joint closing concert will be held at ‘t Zand as part of the community arts project Toope Ajoyo.


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