Genre: African Jazz
Label: A-shams 0048
Release: 2010
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BRASSAFRIK, a MetX project of Babs Jobo (talking drum) and Stefaan Blancke (trombone) represents the musical exchange between Africa and the rest of the world. In this new album ‘BRASSAFRIK’ the musicians turn the African rhythms into poly-layered patterns with an exceptional groove. The surprising timing of the extrovert horn section refers to traditional African question-and-answer designs as well as to pounding afrobeat, highlife and European brass tunes.

Ever since they met on the scene of the Belgian Afrobeat Association and Wawadadakwa, Babs and Stefaan were hatching a plot to start up a project that would create an energetic clash between percussion and brass. The ultimate recipe for this steaming melting pot: compositions of both musicians carrying the traces of their musical paths. When MetX Moving Music provided a solid foundation for production, the duo set up a massive band. BRASSAFRIK was born and keen to be heard. West African rhythms flow seamlessly together with the tight pulses of the brass riffs that set alight this impressive crowd. Armed with copper, leather and wood, BRASSAFRIK organically progresses while hitting the scenes of many festivals and street celebrations. When on top of that the band adds a solid pinch of African dance to the whole on the pretext of ‘Move your ass and the rest will follow’, there is just no escape to this whirling party!

Babs Jobo tama, djembe, lead vocals
Bode Owa doun doun, backing vocals
Lezin Mpoutou djembe, lolo, likembe, congas, backing vocals
Adama Kanouté doun solo, ngoni, backing vocals
Zulema Hechevarria Blanco bells, shekere, backing vocals
David Graff bells, shekere
Stefaan Blancke trombone
Dirk Timmermans/Mario Conjaerts trumpet
Lot Vandekeybus tenor tuba
Mbalia Ture dance
Berlinde Deman/Pieter Nevejans tuba
Roos Janszoons baritone saxophone
Luc Mishalle tenor & soprano saxophone
Ludovic Jeanmart alto & en soprano saxophone
Mieke Delanghe backing vocals


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