Moroccan rhythm workshops on Bendir & Ta’rija - 26/03/2024

Moroccan rhythm workshops on Bendir & Ta’rija

From April, VK, MetX and HalfmOon are offering workshops on the percussion instruments bendir and ta’rija. Accompanied by Fatoum, Laïla Amezian and percussionists from the B’net Chaabi group, you can learn to play Moroccan rhythms from the chaabi & izran traditions. The goal? To set up a new ensemble that offers a complete rhythm section and can be integrated into a variety of participatory and artistic projects. 


These workshops are aimed at beginner percussionists. They will take place during the April-June period on 2 locations:


▪️ Musical workshops @ MetX – Brussels

– bendir & ta’rija on chaabi rhythms

– 2x/month, Tuesdays 20h30-22h

– DATES: 9 & 30/04 – 14 & 28/05 – 11 & 18/06

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▪️ Introduction sessions during Chaud Patate @ VK – Molenbeek

– bendir & ta’rija on alternating chaabi / izran rhythms 

– 2x/month (1x izran, 1x chaabi), Wednesdays 15h-16h30

– DATES: 17/04 izran – 8/05 chaabi – 15/05 izran – 29/05 chaabi – 12/06 izran – 26/06 chaabi

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After the summer, workshops will resume in view of presenting this new percussion ensemble at Folklorissimo (TBC), HalfmOon’s Chaabi Festival and VK’s Baraka Sounds (TBC).


A partnership between VK, MetX & HalfmOon, as part of the projects Izran, Baraka Sounds and Chaabi Habibi. With the support of COCOF, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and VGC.




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