New gnawa workshops with Karkaba - 19/08/2021

New gnawa workshops with Karkaba

Want to learn more about this traditional music and dance genre from Morocco? Mâalem Driss Filali and Mohamed Saïd Akasri invite you to workshops in a.o. the Marolles neighbourhood, Zaventem and Waregem. And via the Muziekpublique Academy you can participate at a series of gnawa initiations with our training program Karkaba.

is a training program for people of all ages, gender and origins with a passion for traditional gnawa music, dance and singing. The group wants to promote this traditional music from Morocco, but also create exchanges and fusions with other music genres. Thanks to these collaborations, the project was added to the Register of Inspiring Examples of intangible heritage in Flanders.


As from 2021-2022 the Karkaba training sessions will be partly integrated in the Muziekpublique Academy. The lessons take place every Wednesday evening from 18h30 till 21h (except school holidays). The new series starts on 22 September with a free meeting session as a part of the Open door days of Brede School Nieuwland.

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