Karkaba is a training program for people of all ages, gender and origins with a passion for traditional gnawa music, dance and singing. The group wants to promote this traditional music from Morocco, but also create exchanges and fusions with other music genres.


Beginning musicians are being coached by mâalem Driss Filali and percussionist Mohamed Saïd Akasri. During the rehearsals, they learn everything about gnawa music, dance and singing. Advanced members can also perform with a group of brass players known as Remork & Karkaba and with other percussion bands. Merhaba, everybody’s welcome!

Artistic Coordination

Driss Filali & Mohamed Saïd Akasri

Want to join?

WHAT: gnawa music & dance initiations with mâalem Driss Filali & Mohamed Saïd Akasri
WHO: tout le monde passionné par la culture gnawa
WHERE: MetX, Rue De Lenglentier 20, 1000 Brussels
WHEN: Each Wednesday evening (except school holidays) from 18h30-21h

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