Remork & Karkaba

Remork & Karkaba is a unique fanfare consisting of a wind section combined with Moroccan gnawa percussion. These enthusiastic musicians know how to set up a (street) party in no time. They effortlessly drag young and old out of their comfort zone with their sturdy brass band riffs, generously scattered around gnawa percussion and dance.

The group plays both its own repertoire, written by Luc Mishalle, as arrangements of his gnawa jazz group Marockin’ Brass. The musicians are regularly called upon for other projects as well. A number of them recently participated in our neighbourhood project MegafoniX, the Dia de Muertos festivities in the Marolles, the Thrill jazz event in Edinburgh and the Chiayi City International Band Festival in Taiwan.

Artistic coordination

Luc Mishalle


Info & booking

Koen Stynen –


Want to join?

Rehearsals take place at MetX on Wednesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm. For more info contact Doris Razafimbelo –

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