MetX Moving Combos - 28/05/2020

The public space was the place to be for enjoying concerts this summer. Our artists proposed three temporary MetX Moving Combos: original formulas featuring 4 musicians from the Brussels global sounds and jazz scene. Acoustic, mobile and 100% corona-proof!


Trance Turbine

A musical rubik’s cube powered by Laurent Blondiau (trumpet), Michel Massot (tuba, bass), Sara Moonen (percussion) and Bodé Owa (percussion, dance). Magnetic rhythms, contemporary dance and frenzied brass drag you along in a whirlpool of trance.



Veronica Campos (percussion), Israel Alonso (percussion, sax, guitar) and gnawa musicians Mohamed Saïd Akasri & Driss Filali (percussion) serve a cocktail of whipping Latino rhythms, Mexican swing and contemporary gnawa traditions.



Jo Zanders (pandeiro and bariton drums, snare), Luc Mishalle (tin whistle, soprano sax, bendir & bells), Imane Guemssy (vocals, sentir & krakeb) and Jean Gnonlonfoun (tenor sax, talking drum & vocals) mash up all the different MetX elements: traditionals X experiments, he X she, gnawa X voodoo, peppered rhythms X unsalted free-jazz.


Performing in the streets, acoustic and manoeuvrable interventions, interactions with different crowds… Our evergreen street bands are ready to roll and bring public spaces back to live!



Thrilling 21st century punk fanfare with trance percussion and DIY electro speakers. Totemly awesome!




Remork & Karkaba

A unique fanfare consisting of a wind section combined with Moroccan gnawa percussion.



Mâäk Quintet

A multifaceted jazz collective feat. Laurent Blondiau, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Michel Massot and Grégoire Tirtiaux




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