Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun

Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun


Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun is a drummer, percussionist, bass player, improviser and composer originary from Benin. Trained at the Ecole Supérieure des Métiers des Arts et de Culture (Esmac-Hwendo) in Cotonou, with an option in Practical Music of Traditional Rhythms, Ejaspapa has a perfect mastery of the traditional and modern polyrhythms of West Africa. He has already performed in concert and on tour with many groups of various styles: Sysmo, The Peas Project, Baloji & the Katuba, Azeto orchestra, Gospel for life, Weli, Gangbé Brass Band, Jomion & the Uklo’s and Tangawissi, to name but a few.


For several years he has been organizing polyrhythmic training courses for professionals in Cotonou, as well as presentation and musical initiation workshops for beginner musicians in Belgium.


As a musician at MetX for more than ten years, he has played and composed for groups such as Bagadski, Gankpo, Marockin’ BrassAGO! Benin Brass, or recently the Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi. As from October 2023, he organises open workshops around Talkings Drums, Beninese bells and small percussion instruments as part of ReBirth of Hope, a project to be developed by ESINAM in 2024.






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