AGO! Benin Brass

AGO! Benin Brass is a brass band launched in 2015. A mix of authentic grooves and melodies from Benin, with contempary arrangements and compositions from Brussels. After an artistic residence in Cotonou, they seduced the European audience during a 2017 summer tour: open air concerts all over Brussels, LaSemo Festival in Enghien and Babel Sound Festival in Hungary to name but a few…

Would you like to see these 9 authentic musicians from Benin and Brussels live? Stay tuned for their new tour in June and July 2019.

Artistic coordination
Jean Gnonlonfoun, Pascal Rousseau & Luc Mishalle

Line Up
Jean Gnonlonfoun: percussion & drums
J.B. Emmanuel Dedji: percussion
Napoléon A.R. Dedji: percussion
Luc Mishalle: saxophones
Pascal Rousseau: tuba
Eric Yovogan: trumpet
Celestin Ahissou Ellègue: trumpet
C.J. Ketonouho Zountegni: trumpet
Anicet Houngbo: trumpet

Info & booking

Koen Stynen –