After the giant district project Megafonix, the ensemble transforms itselfs for Zinneke 2018: BRU(i)TAL

In the zinnode BRU(i)TAL 3 radical elements confront each other: the 40 trance percussionists from Drom, the 8 low-fi totems upgraded by street-speakers and a shouting choir/ megaphone crew. 3 energies collide, split, fuse and join forces.

While bathing in a brutal, violent punk sound universum this zinnode – steeped in black, fed by resistance and despair, balancing between power and fragility, between order and chaos, between subversion and submission – wants to call up images of rebellion, guerilla’s, underground, revolts and terror …

Illegal isn’t a state, nor a fact, but an energy!

Artistic coordination: Jo Zanders & Vital Schraenen

Join? Contact Jo Zanders

(in collaboration with De Batterij, Brussels Philarmonic Orchestra, Jonction, Duurzame wijkcontracten en Brussels-city)