Partnership Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie & MetX - 29/06/2021

Partnership Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie & MetX

From the academic year 2021-2022 onwards, the Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie and MetX are joining forces. Wind instrument students at the academy can take their ensemble/combo classes with MetX groups Bakanaï or Remork & Karkaba. Musicians from these groups can, in turn, join the academy for additional instrumental lessons.


Are you student at the Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie and do you want to get maximum practical experience and opportunities to perform in a semi-professional setting? Than you can join a group from MetX for rehearsing and eventually playing concerts with the other group members.


This offer applies to students of flute (also piccolo, alto and bass flute), saxophone (from soprano to baritone), brass (trumpet, euphonium, cornet, trombone, horn) and clarinet (also small clarinet and bass clarinet) of the classical and jazz-pop-rock options.


They may choose from the following groups for their ensemble/combo classes:


Remork & Karkaba – gnawa fanfare


A unique fanfare consisting of a wind section combined with Moroccan gnawa percussion. These enthusiastic musicians effortlessly drag young and old out of their comfort zone with their sturdy brass band riffs, generously scattered around gnawa percussion and dance. Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 20-22h under the direction of Luc Mishalle (wind instruments), Mohamed Saïd Akasri and Driss Filali (gnawa percussion, vocals & dance).

Read more about Remork & Karkaba


Bakanaï – musical rubiks kube


A multidisciplinary ensemble with brass players, percussionists and dancers. Not just a brass band, but a kind of laboratory where you can experiment and learn as an artist. Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays from 20-22h under the direction of Laurent Blondiau (wind instruments) and Bodé Owa (percussion, dance).

Read more about Bakanaï


Musicians from MetX groups can, in turn, join the academy for additional instrumental lessons:






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