Want to join the Zinneke Parade 2022? - 25/02/2022

Want to join the Zinneke Parade 2022?

This year’s Zinneke Parade will take place on 14 May and will have the theme “Trompe l’oeil”. Various groups and artists from MetX also participate. The Fanfakids form a zinnode with Kuumba and BBO, BRUiTAL works on DIY percussion instruments and some MetX musicians organise rhythmic workshops for brass and wind musicians.

Series of workshops HORN = DRUM

In March and April, saxophonist Grégoire Tirtiaux and trumpeter Laurent Blondiau (Mâäk Quintet) will be organising rhythmic workshops for brass and wind instruments. During five sessions, they share tips and tricks with brass and wind players who want to join percussion groups without (much) preparatory rehearsal. Ideal for parades, events, jams and other moments of collective improvisation!


WHERE? MetX, Rue De Lenglentierstraat 20 – 1000 Brussels
WHEN? Thu 10, 17 and 24 March + Wed 20 and 27 April (20-22h)


Participation is free and open to everyone: both participants of existing groups and individual musicians. The only requirement is that you bring your own brass or wind instrument and have minimal basic technique. Interested? Contact

DIY percussion + rhythmic brass and wind instruments
Participants of HORN = DRUM can join the zinnode featuring BRUiTAL for a first try out. In this project, Jo Zanders and Vital Schraenen embark for a creative journey with artists and residents from La Louvière. Together, they build DIY percussion instruments and develop a participatory repertoire based on trance-like rhythms and soundscapes, which other musicians (groups) can easily join.

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Fanfakids + Brussels Bayou Orchestra + Kuumba
Of course, the Fanfakids are also joining the Zinneke Parade. As you might know, they have not missed a single edition since their creation during the first edition in 2000! This year, they are working together with Laurent Vigneron and the musicians of his Brussels Bayou Orchestra. Expect a mix of metropolitan rhythms and hot jazz from New Orleans! Kuumba, the Flemish-African house in the heart of Matonge, is also included in this zinnode.

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