Vital Schraenen


Vital Schraenen is active in the circuit of professional theatre as a director, actor, lighting designer, decorator, translator and adaptor, playwright and pedagogue. He also coordinates urban and participatory events.

He works for various theatre, dance, musical theatre, opera and circus companies in Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels and abroad (f.e. De Tijd, Vlaamse Opera Stichting, Internationale Nieuwe Scene, Ensemble Leporello, Fabuleus, Compagnie Thor, Theater Stap, Théâtre Varia, De Nieuwe Snaar, Muziekmaatschappij Excelsior, Brussel Brecht Eisler Koor, Zinneke Parade, The Primitives, La Fabrique Imaginaire, MetX Moving Music, Rideau de Bruxelles, Thomassenko).

In 1994 he founded his own music company ‘Théâtre Tirasila’ for which he made the creations  KBel, Ballad of a Ghost Mine ,  Ubu roi ,  Het Laatste verlangen ,  KRSK! ‘ and  Slachtwerk .

He’s been active as an actor and a director for the company Fabrique Imaginaire since 2010 (Hunstadt & BK).

In recent years he has performed shows/events for festivals (f.e. Bruxelles2000, 30CC/Louvain opening season 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013) and parades/events (OdeGand 2005, Stadsvisioenen Mechelen 2009, Keerbergen 2011, Zinneke 2012, 2014 & 2016, Canta Luna 2013, Grand Parade-HartBovenHard/ToutAutreChose 2015, ‘ water carriers ‘/800 years St-Gilles, 2016, MegafoniX 2017)

As a light and set designer he often signs the scenic concept (decorations and lights) of his own creations.




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