StaycationBXL: Dance of the Quetzal

StaycationBXL: Dance of the Quetzal

The mythical giant snake Quetzalcóatl is slithering through Brussels this summer. With workshops around percussion, voice, costumes and masks in collaboration with CC Brass and Park Poétik + parades along Forest & Saint-Gilles, the Wolvendael Park, Camping Josée and PLAZEverYwhere.


The handmade carcass of the mythical Aztec snake Quetzalcóatl gives colour to city neighbourhoods and street parties. It drags spectators, as well as those who carry the snake and accompany them, in a ritual and family dance. For Park Poétik, the Dance of the Quetzalcóatl heads to Forest and St. Gillis in August.


As of Monday 17/08, CC Brass, MetX & Park Poétik organise a week of workshops around percussion, voice, costumes, masks and parading for children aged 8-12 years. On Thursday and Friday, parents can also join in for a ‘dance with the snake’ workshop. More info via CC Brass.


The workshops come to conclusion on Saturday 22/08 with a mini-parade in Forest and Saint-Gilles, in the framework of Park Poétik. Afterwards, the spectacle goes to the Wolvendael Park in Uccle (29/08), Camping Josée in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (30/08) and PLAZEverYwhere in Koekelberg (25/09).


With the support of the VGC as part of StaycationBXL



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