Driven by the district development contract Jonction, MetX has set up a large-scale and participatory music project together with residents and local actors from Les Marolles. Inspired by the musical ‘DNA’ from this neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels, they created a new, adventurous ensemble for instruments and voices.

The line up features choirs, percussions, brass players, deejays, dancers and scenographers. Both amateur and professional musicians and artists, united by the common desire to make music.

The result: a participatory stage performance with some 100 amateur artists, led by professional composers and musicians. Interactive, interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational. In short: young, old, amateur, professional, native Belgians, new Belgians, future Belgians, not Belgian at all… MegafoniX aims to mirror the cultural diversity of Brussels!

Artistic coordination

Vital Schraenen

More information

Doris Razafimbelo –



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