Ilaria Orlandini


Ilaria Orlandini is a dancer, Shiatsu practitioner and teacher. With a degree in DAMS (Discipline of Art, Music and Performance) from the University of Bologna and EISA (European Iokaï Shiatsu Association) certification, she works as a dancer for various choreographers in Belgium and abroad, and creates her own projects in collaboration with other artists. At MetX, she leads the choreography for Bazzaria in duet with Fanny Brouyaux and for BRUiTAL with Alessya Luna Wyss.


At the same time, she teaches contemporary dance and improvisation to people of all ages, combining dance with social projects. The practice of oriental health arts such as Do-In and Shiatsu, combined with dance and improvisation, gives her a global approach to the vision of the body and of life. She has already worked with La Maison des cultures et de la cohésion sociale de Molenbeek, Raffinerie Charleroi Danse, CC Theux, CC Marche en Famenne, Escale du nord, Waq and Théâtre du Sursaut in the province of Luxembourg.



Co-founder of the ‘Bubble Dance Brussels’ collective at the end of 2020, she shares her passion for dance and free movement in the streets and other public spaces of Brussels. Taking her first steps at MetX via the Bakanaï project, she joined the core group of artists in 2023 during the Fête de la Musique in the Marolles. Since then, she guides the dancers of the multidisciplinary collective Bazzaria with Fanny Brouyaux and challenges the musicians of BRUiTAL with Alessya Luna Wyss plus the Karrakallas collective.


Photo © Arnaud Belen




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