BRUiTAL meets Karrakallas

BRUiTAL, a brutal bunch of underground noise makers created by Jo Zanders and Vital Schraenen. Ever since their genesis in 2018, they generate intriguing and exciting soundscapes with acoustic trance percussion, lo-fi speakers and relentless punk attitude.


After several (light)years of travelling through black holes and white dwarfs, BRUiTAL’s sonic universe collides with the dancers of Karrakallas. Led by Ilaria Orlandini and Alessia Luna Wyss, this dance collective rotates endlessly in tribal, shamanic movements.

Together, their energies flow into an explosive cocktail of mesmerizing trance and dance. Or say, a retro-futuristic ceremony that moves a crowd in more than one way. Masked and pitch black, yet full of humour. Mobile, agile and… always unexpected!


Artistic coordination
Jo Zanders, Vital Schraenen, Ilaria Orlandini & Alessia Luna Wyss


Info & booking

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