Banda Quetzal

The spirit of the Quetzalcóatl is firmly anchored in the DNA of MetX. Since last fall, this mythical Aztec snake has given life to a new musical project. With Banda Quetzal, our musician Israel Alonso, maâlem Driss Filali, his gnawa compadre Mohamed Saïd Akasri and the musicians Verónica Campos, Judith Léonardon, Ericamour Yovogan, Joris De Beer and Sylvain Boisvert serve a refreshing cocktail of Meso-American traditions, North African trance rhythms and sparkling brass sounds.

To be enjoyed indoors or outdoors at concerts, neighborhood parties, festivals or other sunny events. Let yourself be carried away by the songs and sounds of the Quetzal, this bird found in the tropical forests of Central America. Discover a new version of Son Jarocho, a music originating in Mexico mixing European Baroque elements with rhythms of African slaves and the soul of indigenous peoples. And be surprised by the metropolitan zest that this Banda Quetzal adds to the traditional recipes.

Artistic coordination

Israel Alonso



Israel Alonso: saxophone, percussion

Driss Filali: vocals, krakeb, t’bel

Mohamed Saïd Akasri: krakeb, t’bel

Veronica Campos: percussion

Ericamour Yovogan & Joris De Beer: trumpets

Sylvain Boisvert: flutes

Judith Léonardon: sousaphone


Info & booking

Koen Stynen –

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