11SONGS – A project by Mishalle/ Watts/ Drame & Foliba + Marockin’ Brass

11SONGS – A project by Mishalle/ Watts/ Drame & Foliba + Marockin’ Brass

Genre: Gnawa Jazz
Label: A-Shams 1060
Release: 2011
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This project combines traditional manding and gnaoua rhythms with written contemporary music and improvisations for wind instruments. Luc Mishalle, Trevor Watts and Adama Dramé composed the music that consists of three kinds of performers: an immaculate horn section, a percussion orchestra from Burkina Faso (including melodic percussion) and three gnaoua musicians who live in Brussels.  The rhythm section plays the traditional rhythms (manding and gnaoua), but is also guided by the score of the composers. The horns either add colours to the percussion or create a sound environment of chords and sliding musical sentences. At other points they groove together or against the percussion section. Parallel to the traditional music context, the compositions will often be frameworks to be brought to life by the participating musicians.

11SONGS is a coproduction between Zuiderpershuis, Concertgebouw Brugge and MetX

Trevor Watts: soprano & alto saxophone, composition
Luc Mishalle: soprano & tenor saxophone, composition
Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet
Cezariusz Gadzina: alto saxophone
Véronique Delmelle: bariton saxophone
Arno Bakker: sousaphone
Rida Stitou: krakeb, vocals
Badre Derras: bendir, krakeb, vocals
Adama Dramé: bendir, talking drum, doundoun, djembé
Adama Traoré: dundun
Kibie Mamadou Diabaté: balafon
Mamadi Bagayoko: djembé


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