Fanfakids workshops @ UCB - 01/12/2020

Fanfakids workshops @ UCB

As from 2021, Urban Center Brussel organises percussion workshops featuring the Fanfakids. Children aged 6-12 years can learn different rhythms together with some advanced group members and ex-Fanfakid Jalel Vangoethem. The workshops will take place each Monday at Campus Nieuwland.


This autumn, the Fanfakids percussion workshops have been extended. In addition to rehearsals at MetX with the advanced group members, percussion initiations also take place at a number of schools and other partners in Molenbeek and the Marolles neighbourhood.


As from January 2021, children can also learn different rhythms via a series of workshops at Campus Nieuwland in collaboration with Urban Center Brussel. Registrations cost €80/semester for the first child, for the 2nd child or via Paspartoe you only pay €15. More information and the registration form are available on


These percussion workshops are organised by Urban Center Brussel in collaboration with Fanfakids and MetX.



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