The Fanfakids are a group of youngsters (7-15 of age) from Brussels who transform their youthful energy in an explosive concoction of rhythms. Their groove is the metropolitan music mix that they grew up with in popular neighbourhoods like Molenbeek and Les Marolles.

They can unleash this wall of sound anytime anywhere. No poses, no fake, honest and energetic, right in your face! They beat the hell out of bass drums and self-made PVC-bins.

Created during the 1st Zinneke Parade in 2000, the Fanfakids recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Ever since, they have built up an impressive record of achievements at home and abroad. They feel at home at various festivals and guarantee a good ‘party vibe’ on every stage or street party.

Throughout the years, the Fanfakids have also created a close bond with various drum and dance groups from Africa (Guinea, Ghana) and Europe (Prague, Rotterdam, Urban Center Brussel). They regularly take part in exchange programmes to perfect themselves musically and artistically. Their smiles and energy are always disarming, don’t hesitate to call them the international ambassadors for Brussels!

Artistic coordination
Veronica Campos

Bart Nagels & Jalel Vangoethem

Info & booking
Koen Stynen –

The Fanfakids have been created by MetX and D’Broej (WMKJ Centrum West). Recently other organisations partnered up with them, hosting rehearsals and inviting new members to join the group. More information on

How to join?
Rehearsals take place at the following days and locations:

16h30 – 18h30 @ IBO De Verliefde Wolk – Molenbeek
(starters+ advanced)
17h – 18h30 @ Urban Center Brussel – Les Marolles

16h30-17h45 @ IBO De Verliefde Wolk – Molenbeek

15h-18h @ MetX – Les Marolles

16h @ Maison de Jeunes 88 – Les Marolles

Would you like to drop by at one of the rehearsals?

Contact Bart Nagels via

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