Fêtes de la Musique in les Marolles and Molenbeek - 22/06/2021

In the weekend of 19-21 June, we FINALLY celebrated outside again! Our groups and artists turned the streets and squares upside down during Fête de la Musique. With Remork & Karkaba and Fanfakids in Molenbeek, balcony concerts in les Marolles and a smashing fanfare fiesta at the Sk8tepark Ursulines!


The end of the longest hibernation ever deserved to be celebrated! We took part in a whole series of festivities and symbolic actions over the weekend of the summer solstice. From Molenbeek and the Marolles, to Ghent and Charleroi: our sounds and colours kicked off what we hope will be a wonderfully long summer!


Fanfakids + Remork & Karkaba @ Molenbeek 19/06

On Saturday afternoon, the Fanfakids opened the festivities at MolenWestSquare, a new square next to metro station West. They did so together with their buddies from Urban Center Brussel, a brand new dance-percussion combo born from the Cosmogolem Connekt project.



In the evening Remork & Karkaba performed in Parc Bonnevie. Their second passage in a short time in the heart of Molenbeek, after their participation in the Musikaa project of KlaraFestival. On Sunday our gnawa-fanfare also went to Diest to fête La Musique at the local Mini Mercado festival.



Fête de la Musique dans les Marolles: 19/06 Concerts aux balcons

After a mini-edition with our MetX Moving Combos in 2020, this year we organised a real Fête de la Musique in the Marolles in collaboration with CC Bruegel. Coronaproof and according to the rules of course!


So on Saturday 19 June, no fewer than 15 different balcony concerts took place. With Brazilian choro, Mexignawan cocktails by Israel Alonso and Driss Filali, Hungarian-Yiddish singing and Tuur Florizoone plus Angelo Mustapha, among others. The route was inaugurated by les Mignonnettes of the Bruegel-Marolles neighbourhood and decorated with installations designed by les Mercredis Artistiques.


Read more about the Concerts aux Balcons on 19/06


At the same time, the symbolic action “We Won’t Rest” took place at CC Bruegel in Rue des Renards. They invite all artists and cultural workers to tell their story through a unique portrait and a short interview. How has this crisis affected their creative activities? What kept them going and what does the future bring? Discover all these strong testimonies on


Fête de la Musique dans les Marolles: 20/06 Fiesta de fanfares



On Sunday 20 June, we blew away friend and foe alike during a MetX big bang. Literally and figuratively, with 4 brass bands from Flanders, the dirty south of Belgium and Broekzele. From 14h onwards Urbanda from Charleroi, the Ledebirds from Ghent plus Babelouze and Bakanaï from Brussels performed on various squares throughout the neighbourhood. Around 15h30 they melted their copper, tin and other metals together into a very big bang band for an apotheosis at the Sk8tepark Les Ursulines. Spurred on by Mâäkistas Michel Massot and Laurent Blondiau, they played a few numbers from the Babelouze and Bakanaï repertoire.


Read more about the Fiesta de Fanfares on 20/06




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