A multidisciplinary ensemble with dancers, brass players, percussionists and other transportable instruments. Not just a brass band, but a kind of laboratory where you can experiment and learn as an artist. The artistic direction lies in the hands of Laurent Blondiau (Mâäk) and Bodé Owa (Negrociations).

The collectif rehearses twice a month at MetX. Everybody’s welcome, but a minimum of practice as a musician or dancer is recommended. Together, all members work on a number of grooves and moves and develop a common repertoire. Some first try-outs and concerts took place at the end of 2019 during a MetX Jam, early 2020 at Théâtre Poème and in 2021 during Fête de la Musique dans les Marolles and neighbourhood parties in Saint-Gilles.

Artistic coordination

Laurent Blondiau


Info & booking

Koen Stynen –


Want to join?

Rehearsals @ MetX on Tuesday from 20-22h. Contact Doris Razafimbelo –


Photos © Hervé Blieck & Iwona Pom

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