Aftermovie Singing Brussels Marolles - 05/07/2022

Aftermovie Singing Brussels Marolles

18 choirs and festive brass bands, a musical tour across the streets of les Marolles and a grand final concert featuring 250 singers and musicians at the Palais de Justice. This was Singing Brussels Marolles, a magnificent urban cantata in celebration of the Fête de la Musique. Throwback to Sunday 19 June with our aftermovie and a report on BRUZZ!


Watch the report on BRUZZ


Let’s Zing Ensemble! Starting at noon, choirs from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels offered the residents and visitors of the Marolles singing concerts on the streets and squares of the neighbourhood. Afterwards, Laïla Amezian, Olivier Thomas and Laurent Blondiau invited everyone to join them for a large participatory final concert at the Palais de Justice, featuring more than 250 choir members and musicians. An unforgettable start to the summer to the tunes of Moroccan Chaabi music, cheerful onomatopoeia and festive fanfare arrangements.



Singing Brussels Marolles is a co-production between Bozar and MetX in collaboration with CC Bruegel and many more partners as part of Fête de la Musique. Featuring: Laïla Amezian & Les Fatmas De Belgica + Sultanats B’net Chaabi, Olivier Thomas & N’Korâl, Laurent Blondiau & Bakanaï, La fanfare détournée, Couleur Vocale, Alameezo, Anaconda & Kubica, Les Choeurs du Petit-Ry, Stemmer, Sing & Smile, Tapalanote, Rolls Voice, Chorale Rissala, Malarazza, Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor, Intersongs, la Chorale de la Vieille Chéchette, les Mignonnettes du Quartier Bruegel-Marolles and much more.



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