Summer workshops Bakanaï - 24/07/2022

Summer workshops Bakanaï

Do you play a percussion, wind or other acoustic instrument and wanna dive into the music of Bakanaï? Artistic coordinator Laurent Blondiau and musicians from the group organised four consecutive evenings of summer workshops, with a closing concert during OpenStreets Molenbeek on 22/07.


Bakanaï is a colourful collective with dancers, wind instrument players, percussionists and other transportable instruments. Not just any brass band, but a kind of laboratory where musicians and dancers develop a daring common repertoire.


From July 18 to July 21, everyone, regardless of their musical level or playing experience, could come to MetX to experiment with different musical tips and tricks from the group’s repertoire. Together with Laurent they worked on improvisation, ensemble playing, sound painting and rhythm. To conclude, they played along with Bakanaï on Friday 22 July (17:00) during their concert at OpenStreets Molenbeek.


WHAT? Workshop week Bakanaï
Percussionists, wind instruments a.o. transportable instruments
MetX, Rue De Lenglentierstraat 20 – 1000 Brussels
18-21/07 19:00-22:00



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