Doors Open Day Nieuwland ft. Fanfakids & Karkaba - 22/09/2021

Doors Open Day Nieuwland ft. Fanfakids & Karkaba

On Wednesday 22 September, the Doors Open Day of Brede School Nieuwland took place in the heart of the Marolles. As a partner, we also gave a foretaste of some after-school activities offered by MetX: the Fanfakids + breakdancers of Urban Center Brussel and our gnawa training programme Karkaba..


Percussion workshops ft. Fanfakids @ Urban Center Brussel

It’s no secret any more: the Fanfakids and breakdancers of Urban Center Brussel are growing closer to each other. They first made out timidly in the context of the cancelled Zinneke Parade in 2020 and the Cosmogolem Connekt project this spring. Since then, they often perform together and some teenagers of the Fanfakids give percussion workshops in Nieuwland through Urban Center Brussel. During the Doors Open Day, children could have a taste of it during initiations from 14 till 15h and 15h30 till 16h30, each time followed by a performance.



Metropolitan mix of music and dance for young and old

On September the 22nd, you could also discover another typical Brussels dance and music culture at Nieuwland. Our gnawa training program Karkaba gave a free initiation lesson. This traditional music, dance and singing from Morocco, is freely blending with other musical styles in the capital of Europe. Gnawa musicians Driss Filali and Mohamed Saïd Akasri kicked off their brand new series of lessons with Karkaba at the Muziekpublique Academy. Lessons will be held on Wednesday evenings from 18h30 till 21h throughout the academic year. You can register via



After-school activities and partnership programs

For some years now, MetX has been part of the Brede School Nieuwland. Together with other partners from this network, we strengthen the development opportunities of the children and young people who go to school there. We have been doing this with Urban Center Brussel since 2019, and from this academic year onwards we are also offering a partnership program with the Hoofdstedelijke Kunstacademie.



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