Greg Lox


Greg Lox is an all-round artist from the Brussels hip-hop scene. He’s best known as a dancer, slammer and the founder of Urban Center Brussel, a hub where children can learn more about the different branches of hip-hop.


From an early age, Greg’s life is all about hip-hop and breakdance. His father was a breakdance teacher and manager of Benny B. (a famous hip-hop group from Brussels). Thanks to movies like Flashdance, Breakstreet ’84 or Beatstreet and the TV-show H.I.P. H.O.P. (by French rapper Sydney Duteil), his passion for hip-hop only grew bigger. He started to dance and mastered skills like bboying, popping and locking.


He soon joined several collectives: Magic Force with Spônky & Fello (1995-1997), Article XV (2001-2003), Full Effects (2001-2007), Magnificent 4 (2005-2007) and Plume & Poil (2009-2014).


In 2016 he launches Urban Center Brussel to share his knowledge and skills about urban culture with the younger generations in Brussels. Girls and boys between 6-18 can learn more about breakdance, free running/parkour and other street sports.


As Urban Center Brussel becomes a part of MetX in 2019, Greg joins the team of embedded artists. He works a.o. with Fanfakids on dance/movement and is involved in the Zinnode ‘Loops’ for the Zinneke Parade 2020.


Interview Greg Lox on BRUZZ




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