Project call: MetX Carte Blanche - 09/12/2020

Project call: MetX Carte Blanche

In addition to our well-known productions, house artists and ad hoc projects, MetX is always looking for young blood, emerging musicians or original formats. That’s why in 2021, we launch another ‘Carte Blanche’ for a musician to start a new project under the wings of MetX.


For the first time, we are working with a project call for the selection process. The goal: developing a professional production that matches with the vision and mission of MetX.


The musician can develop his/her project in absolute freedom, without immediate pressure to perform or present anything. He/she receives logistical (infrastructure to rehearse, limited number of recordings, …), productional (promotion, distribution, audience development) and financial support from MetX. In addition, he/she can also call on the artistic expertise and coaching of other MetX musicians.


This project call has ended on 31 January 2021. More information about the assignment of the Carte Blanche will follow soon! Contact & info: Sara Moonen


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