Project call: MetX Carte Blanche

Project call: MetX Carte Blanche

In addition to our well-known productions, house artists and ad hoc projects, MetX is always looking for young blood, emerging musicians or original formats. That’s why in 2021, we launch another ‘Carte Blanche’ for a musician to start a new project under the wings of MetX.


For the first time, we are working with a project call for the selection process. The goal: developing a professional production that matches with the vision and mission of MetX.


The musician can develop his/her project in absolute freedom, without immediate pressure to perform or present anything. He/she receives logistical (infrastructure to rehearse, limited number of recordings, …), productional (promotion, distribution, audience development) and financial support from MetX. In addition, he/she can also call on the artistic expertise and coaching of other¬†MetX musicians.



Please send a short description of your proposal (max. 1 A4) before 31 January 2021. Explain the content and artistic aspects of the project, adding a short planning and possible participants and/or co-producers. Other documents are also welcome (CVs, demos, recordings, visual material, …).


Contact & info: Sara Moonen


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