New release: Mâäk Quintet ‘Papa Ours’ - 17/01/2022

New release: Mâäk Quintet ‘Papa Ours’

Mâäk Quintet releases a second track as part of our MetXology compilation. In Papa Ours, trumpet, alt sax and tenor sax interlace three separate melodic lines, propelled by a question-answer game of two repetitive loops, each with different lengths. They performed the new track live at Brussels Jazz Weekend Winter, the online release is coming soon!

Listen to Papa Ours on Spotify – RELEASE FEBRUARY 4

Out in the streets or inside a concert hall, acoustic or amplified, in front of crowds or in a more intimate setting… Even after almost 25 years of Mâäk, their music continues to surprise us. Early November for example, they played at the Dubai World Expo during la Semaine de Wallonie-Bruxelles. On Saturday 11 December they performed in the historical Salon Perdu aka ‘Spiegeltent’ (literally: mirror tent) for the first edition of Brussels Jazz Weekend Winter. And in between they keep releasing new work!


New single Papa Ours
For Papa Ours, Laurent Blondiau started from a superposition of 3 separate melodic lines on trumpet, alt sax and tenor sax. He then imagined a question-answer game of 2 repetitive loops, each with different lengths. As a reference to the folk tale ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, where each bear adds a distinct voice to the story, he called the track ‘Papa Ours’ (Daddy Bear).

Trivia: the same tale also inspired the 1944 cartoon ‘Goldilocks and the Jivin’ Bears’, featuring the three bears as a jazz trio and mashing up other folk tale classics like ‘Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’. Although the cartoon was censored because of relaying ethnic stereotypes, it testifies of the quintessential role the Afro-American community plays in the history of jazz and Western modern day culture.

Mâäk & MetXology
Just like Sémille-Sommeille last spring, Papa Ours offers the musicians a sort of a trampoline, from which they can start experimenting with new sounds, rhythms and harmonies. Both tracks are being released as part of the MetXology Volume 6, a new compilation featuring the most remarkable gems from the MetX universe.



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