A new MetX production with an exceptional instrumentation and ditto sound. Luc Mishalle sets the musical direction and propels the ensemble on bass saxophone. He is surrounded by Eric Yovogan and Joris De Beer on trumpet, Véronique Delmelle on alto saxophone, the young drummer Audrey Dechèvre and guitarist Costa Mbunda.


Together they play original compositions suggested by Luc, Eric and Costa, on which some musicians also sing and slam poets Adrien Sezuba Rukira and Katia De Hertog aka Cage drop spoken word in Dutch and English.

One could easily call BLAST! a motley international crew made up of representatives of different musical genres, genders and generations. Soulful dance music, propelled by rhythms that originated in New Orleans, West Africa, the Caribbean and, above all, the capital of Europe. Spiced up with jazz motifs, vocal lines and spoken word. Their first concerts are scheduled for May 2024.

Artistic coordination

Luc Mishalle



Luc Mishalle: bass & tenor saxophone / vocals

Eric Yovogan: trumpet / vocals

Joris De Beer: trumpet

Veronique Delmelle: alt & barytone saxophone / vocals

Audrey Dechèvre: drums

Costa Mbunda: guitar / vocals

Adrien Sezuba Rukira & Katia De Hertog: slam poetry


Info & booking


Photos © Valentin Boucq & Sebastian Strycharski

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