MikMâäk #2

MikMâäk #2

Not your ordinary bigband: MikMâäk brings together 16 exceptional musicians around a repertoire composed as a collective. They easily switch between sheet music and improvisations, altering chaos with sharp individual interventions and flowing organically into liberating compositions. With MikMâäk #2 they release the long-awaited follow-up of their first self-titled album.

It contains tracks composed a.o. by drummer Samuel Ber, clarinetist Yann Lecollaire and tuba player Pascal Rousseau. The icing on the cake are titles by the two artistic directors, Laurent Blondiau and Fabian Fiorini. The album was recorded during a residence at the W:Halll.

This live album MikMâäk #2 is released by Igloo Records and is produced by MetX. Available on all digital platforms and CD.

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Genre: jazz

Label: Igloo Records

Release: 2019



Pierre Bernard: flute & picollo flute

Quentin Manfroy: flute & bass flute

Yann Lecollaire: clarinet & bass clarinet

Laurent Blondiau: trumpet & flugelhorn

Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet

Bart Maris: trumpet & flugelhorn

Guillaume Orti: alto & soprano saxophones

Jeroen Van Herzeele: tenor & soprano saxophones

Grégoire Tirtiaux: baritone & alto saxophones

Bo Van der Werf: baritone saxophone

Frederik Heirman: trombone & euphonium

Adrien Lambinet: trombone

Pascal Rousseau: bass tuba

Fabian Fiorini: piano

Nathan Wouters: double bass

Samuel Ber: drums


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