New video and live album MikMâäk - 23/08/2019

New video and live album MikMâäk

OUT NOW: MikMâäk #2, the long-awaited follow-up to their debut album from 2015. With live-recorded compositions by Fabian Fiorini, Pascal Rousseau, Samuel Ber and Laurent Blondiau. Release concerts at Recyclart, Handelsbeurs and Théâtre Marni (13/02). And a video clip bathing in typically disarming Mâäk-humour.



Not your ordinary bigband – MikMâäk are 16 exceptional musicians (hyper)active within the jazz scene and beyond. They create the group’s repertoire together, easily switching between sheet music and improvisations. At the end of September, they released their second album MikMâäk #2 via Igloo records. They present the new album during these concerts:






Big band upside down


As artistic coordinators, trumpet player Laurent Blondiau and pianist Fabian Fiorini completely turn the concept of the big band upside down. Together with 14 other ace musicians, they form a particularly eclectic and fearless group. Add up all their musical baggage, and you immediately understand why they boldly dare to go where no big band went before. Their drive: the urge for artistic experiments, mixed with a solid dose of self-relativity. The result: an organised chaos, altered with clever interventions that flow organically into liberating compositions.


Second album with live material


MikMâäk #2 is the long-awaited follow-up to their debut album from 2015. It features original compositions by drummer Samuel Ber, clarinet player Yann Lecollaire and tuba player Pascal Rousseau. The icing on the cake are some stunning compositions by Laurent Blondiau and Fabian Fiorini.


This live album was recorded during a residency at W:Halll and is released on Igloo Records. Available on all digital platforms and on CD/vinyl as from 27 September. The band also releases a 4-minute radio edit from the song ‘Yaçin’s Tune’ with accompanying videoclip.


Want to know more about MikMâäk or their new album? Contact Jan Ockerman.




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