New release Mâäk Quintet ‘Sémille-Sommeille’ - 30/06/2021

New release Mâäk Quintet ‘Sémille-Sommeille’

Mâäk Quintet also releases new work as part of our MetXology compilation. With ‘Sémille-Sommeille’, they let music speak to the soul where words sometimes fail. Ready for an inner mind trip full of frenetic themes and improvisations? Discover Mâäk Quintet’s new single on Spotify!


Listen to Sémille-Sommeille on Spotify


The vitality, dynamics and musical freedom of Mâäk Quintet will keep you on your toes. Last year they experimented a lot with brand new sonorous, rhythmic and harmonic elements. They did so during (corona proof) concerts at Théâtre Poème, Bel Jazz Fest, Citadelic Zomer and Jazz Middelheim 1.5 plus a recording session at MetX. This year, they build on this by clashing their sound with some like-minded artists and releasing some new songs.



New single: Sémille-Sommeille

This new composition, written by saxophonist Grégoire Tirtiaux, is about Man and his semi-consciousness. About his inconsistencies and his impossibility to reconcile what he would like and what he should do. From his state of spiritual semi-sleep (‘semi-sommeil’ in French), would he be able to fall into a semi-awakening state? And let the seeds of wisdom that lie dormant in him germinate? Through music, the Quintet aims to speak to the soul where words sometimes fail.


The introduction illustrates the complementary nature of our coordinated actions. The track then plunges into a series of frenetic themes and improvisations representing the world in its turmoil and interactions. Each voice is both independent and interwoven with the others, like the musicians of the Mâäk Quintet, each with their own personality at the service of the collective and the music.


Soundclashes & artistic exchanges

The members of the Quintet also keep challenging themselves through encounters with other musicians. In April, for example, the horn section, made up of Laurent Blondiau, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Grégoire Tirtiaux and Michel Massot, clashed for the first time with prog rock jazz band Skordatura. A successful experiment on which both groups want to build in the near future.


Laurent, Michel and Grégoire also play together in Les Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi. This new MetX band brings together no less than 18 vocalists and musicians, with amongst others MikMâäk fellows Adrien Lambinet and Jean-Paul Estiévenart.



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