Chaabi Habibi Andaloussi @ Musikaa – Klarafestival 2023 - 14/03/2023

Chaabi Habibi Andaloussi @ Musikaa – Klarafestival 2023

On March 12, the Fatmas de Belgica again took part in Musikaa, a collaboration between Klarafestival, BOZAR and cultural organisations from Molenbeek. On this occasion, Laïla Amezian chose to focus on popular Arabic-Andalusian songs. The Fatmas de Belgica will be accompanied by the string quartet ‘Quatuor Satellite’ with arrangements by Fabian Fiorini.


The Fatmas de Belgica is a women’s choir inspired by the Chaabi tradition to develop a more contemporary repertoire. Led by Laïla Amezian, the Fatmas reinterpret fragments of traditional songs with rich and colourful poetry, imbued with mysticism. They marry them with polyphonic arrangements and transform them into new compositions, which results in a new, original repertoire.



After a first participation in Musikaa in 2022, Laïla had chosen to focus on popular Arabic-Andalusian songs for this year’s edition. Under the name ‘Chaabi Habibi Andaloussi’ the Fatmas de Belgica played on March 12 at the Maison des Cultures in Molenbeek. They were accompanied by Karima Arabi, Kawtar Abdoune and Jamila Akhdim (vocals & percussion), three members of the group B’net Chaabi, and the Quatuor Satellite with arrangements for string quartet by Fabian Fiorini.


The Quatuor Satellite gravitates around a repertoire which is as varied as it is starred: from the classic Haydn, to the contemporary Garth Knox via Romanticism, this quartet puts under their fingers a constellation of styles and modes of play and invites the audience on a journey into the sound universe of string instruments. Cléo Dahan, Margot Gillet – violins / Coline Meulemans – viola / Marc Martín Nogueroles – cello


Chaabi Habibi is a project by HalfmOon in partnership with MetX, Nakhla, Le Senghor, Muziekpublique, Bij’ de Vieze Gasten, Vaartkapoen, Darna, Voix de Femmes & FMV.


With the support of de Vlaamse overheid voor Bovenlokale Cultuurprojecten, VGC Erfgoed, Cultureel Samenwerkingsakkoord – Accord de Coopération Communauté française & Vlaamse Gemeenschap, COCOF Service Culture-Musique, Un Futur pour la Culture-Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles & Brussels 2030.

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