Fatmas goes gnawa @ Musikaa – Klarafestival 2024 - 11/03/2024

Fatmas goes gnawa @ Musikaa – Klarafestival 2024

On 10 March, Fatmas from Belgica performed in VK during Musikaa. The finale of this four-year programme by Klarafestival offered Molenbeek’s talent the opportunity to shine on stage. For the occasion, musicians from Karkaba joined the Fatmas for a vocal exploration of the gnawa repertoire.


Fatmas de Belgica is a women’s choir directed by Laïla Amezian, which draws its inspiration from the chaabi tradition to develop its own repertoire. They start from traditional elements such as laments, poetry in the Moroccan Arabic Darija dialect and trance-like rhythms. By adding Western vocal elements, they create polyphonic and contemporary arrangements.


For Musikaa 2024, Laïla invited us to discover a meeting between Fatmas of Belgica and the musicians of Karkaba, a gnawa training program led by mâalem Driss Filali and percussionist Mohamed Saïd Akasri. A unique and improbable encounter between trance rhythms punctuated by ancestral incantations, and melodious, continuous voices giving these incantations a harmonious echo. A daring experimental project in which Gnawa music is infused with light vocals and subtle melodies!


Fatmas goes gnawa 10/03 @ VK – Line-up:

    • Fatmas de Belgica: women’s choir (+/- 15 members)
    • Driss Filali: guembri & vocals | Mohamed Saïd Akasri: percussion & vocals
    • Karkaba: percussion & vocals ensemble
    • Laïla Amezian: choir direction



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