MetX jams at Théâtre National - 15/09/2020

MetX jams at Théâtre National

As part of the Saison Libre at Théâtre National, you can jam with Laurent Blondiau and other MetX artists after a number of theater performances. Wanna tune in to a mix of cosmopolitan sounds and vibes? The first sessions of 10/10/20 and 14/01/21 have been canceled, but other jams will take place in early 2021!

For our new MetX Jam Supreme series, we join forces with Théâtre National’s Saison Libre. Through these free extensions of their performances, the theatre enters into a dialogue with the city and its inhabitants. To increase accessibility and forge links, but also to engage in confrontation and develop an authentic relationship with the different communities in the city.

Jam sessions in January & March 2021

Laurent Blondiau and a few guest musicians provide the rhythmic framework for the new theatre season with three jams. They draw direct inspiration from the programmed performances, and connect them with elements from both Western improvisation culture and traditional music living within different cultures in Brussels.

10 Octobre 2020 (canceled):
Laurent Blondiau invites Jeroen van Herzeele (tenor sax), Manolo Cabras (double bass) and Marek Patrman (drums) – following ‘Une Cérémonie’ by Raoul Collectif

14 January 2021 (canceled): Laurent Blondiau invites MetX musicians – following ‘Wakatt’ by Serge Aimé Coulibaly

4 March 2021:
Laurent Blondiau invites MetX musicians – following ‘Normal’ by Isabelle Darras and ‘Désobéir’ by Julie Berès

MetX Jam Supreme

Together with other cultural partners MetX frequently organises open jam sessions: you can join other musicians, both professionals and amateurs, and tune in to a mix of cosmopolitan sounds and vibes. Wanna join us for some organic drum beats, sizzling trance, jazz improvisations and traditional rhythms from Benin, North Africa and other continents? Read more about our MetX Jam Supreme sessions!



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