MetX Jam Supreme

MetX goes on tour throughout the city. Together with other cultural partners we organise open jam sessions on different locations in Brussels. You can join other musicians, both professionals and amateurs, and tune in to a mix of organic drum beats, sizzling trance, jazz improvisations and traditional rhythms from Benin, North Africa and other continents.


Each jam is started by one or more members of the MetX Jam Supreme Team, such as Jean Gnonlonfoun (Marockin’ Brass), Jo Zanders (BRUiTAL), Driss Filali (Marockin’ Brass, Karkaba) or Luc Mishalle (Marockin’ Brass, Remork & Karkaba).

Depending on the theme of the jam, we also invite guest musicians. You can bump into Michel Massot, Laïla Amezian, Toine Thys, Nabou Claerhout, Ghalia Benali, Grégoire Tirtiaux or Esinam. Together with our music makers, they present a number of musical trampolines to jam all night.


The MetX Jam Supremes stem from the MegafoniX Jams, a series of jam sessions in the Marolles from 2017 to early 2019. Through these encounters we trigger musicians of all kinds to play together in an uninhibited atmosphere and to be inspired by musical diversity In Brussels.

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