Fatmas de Belgica

Throughout the world, oral traditions are passed on from generation to generation. Here, women from the Moroccan diaspora sing traditional songs, repeating them tirelessly to maintain a link with their homeland.

Directed by Laïla Amezian, the Fatmas de Belgica aims to keep this link alive, as a tribute to these women. But above all, Laïla wants to transform this repertoire in order to contribute to our multiple identities in the image of a metropolis like Brussels.

The Fatmas de Belgica project exists in 2 artistic formulas, and will venture into a new musical experience with the Gnawa universe in 2024.


CHAABI MON AMOUR | Fatmas de Belgica & B’net Chaabi
Laïla draws on the chaabi tradition to develop her own original repertoire. Building on traditional elements such as lament, poetry in the Moroccan Arabic Darija dialect and trance-like rhythms, she adds Western vocal elements to create a contemporary version.


Fatmas de Belgica | women’s choir (+/- 15 choir members)
B’net Chaabi (4 musicians) | Souhaila Riahi: vocals, Mehdiya Sultana: keyboard, Kawtar Abdoune: percussion & vocals, Jamila Akhdim: percussion & vocals
Laïla Amezian: choir direction

CHAABI ANDALOUSI | Fatmas de Belgica, B’net Chaabi & Quatuor Satellite
The choir, accompanied by Quatuor Satellite and members of B’net Chaabi, perform extracts from Morocco’s Arab-Andalusian repertoire arranged for a string quartet. A subtle poetry carried by two classical musical universes. A unique musical experience!


Fatmas de Belgica | women’s choir (+/- 15 choir members)
Quatuor Satellite | Cléo Dahan: first violin, Margot Gillet: second violin, Coline Meulemans: alt violin, Marc Martin Nogueroles: cello
B’net Chaabi (3 musicians) | Kawtar Abdoune: percussion & vocals, Jamila Akhdim, percussion & vocals, Karima Arabi, ‘oud & vocals
Laïla Amezian: choir direction

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Rehearsals take place at MetX on Tuesday evening from 18h30 till 20h30.

For more info contact HalfmoOn asbl –


Fatmas de Belgica is a project by HalfmOon asbl & MetX as part of Chaabi Habibi. With the support of de Vlaamse overheid voor Bovenlokale Cultuurprojecten, VGC Erfgoed, het Cultureel Samenwerkingsakkoord – l’accord de coopération culturelle Vlaamse Gemeenschap et la Communauté française, COCOF Service Culture-Musique and FWB – Un Futur pour la Culture.


Photos © Björn Comhaire

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