“An exciting dialogue between roots music and avant-garde.”

For some years now, the musicians of Mâäk combine wind instruments, percussionists and singers in projects that mix tradition with improvisation. In their previous projects AL MAJMAÂ, with the Gnawa of Marocco, and DJEKOULOU, with the Bambara hunters of Mali, they were curious about the traditional music; transcendental music with a strong therapeutic aspect. For KOJO, their focus is the Vodun, the sacred music of Benin.

The starting point of this Vodun-project is the respect for the artistic identity and the musical integrity of each group, awakening a curiosity between two rich yet different cultures.
The compositions, where the orchestrations go from duo to tutti, are very spontaneous and improvised but also orchestrated: the ensemble has precise, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic functions.
Kojo toured in 2010 and 2012, and will be performing again in 2018, to celebrate 20 years of Mâäk collective!

Info & booking:

Laurent Blondiau – trumpet
Grégoire Tirtiaux – saxophone
Jeroen Van Herzeele – saxophone
Michel Massot – tuba/trombone
Adrien Lambinet – trombone
Bart Maris – trumpet
Simplice Anato – percussion / dance / vocals
Agla Chayemi Anagoko – percussion / dance / vocals
Mahinou Kissinon Anagoko – percussion / dance / vocals
Houedanou Anagoko – percussion / dance / vocals
Vignon Maxime Anagoko – percussion / dance / vocals
Jovence Joseph James – percussion / dance / vocals
Bidossessi Stanislas Anagoko – percussion / dance / vocals
Yiphun Chiem – dance
Sadky Goudou – styling / vocals
Sam Mary – lights

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