Bazzaria & BRODER play KEIKOP - 15/05/2024

Bazzaria & BRODER play KEIKOP

At the end of June, our multidisciplinary brass band Bazzaria will be performing in the theatre production KEIKOP. Together with the BRODER choir, they will play, dance and sing the story of a cheeky Brussels cobblestone. See you at Bronks on 28-29-30 June for this oratorio for children 6+, a play that’s part concert, part musical.


After a previous collaboration with his Stemmer choir as part of Singing Brussels 2022, the paths of composer Peter Spaepen and MetX are crossing again. This time for the music of KEIKOP, the new production by Spaepen’s BRODER choir.


For the occasion, composer-saxophonist Karen van Schaik, percussionist Bodé Owa and choreographers Fanny Brouyaux and Ilaria Orlandini of Bazzaria form a creative team with Spaepen, singer-songwriter Vanessa Daniëls, singer Ulrieke Storme and writer-director Koen Boesman.


This show is aimed at children aged 6+ and takes place from 28 till 30 June in the Bronks theatre for young audiences.



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