In the context of the four-year district contract Jonction MetX started MEGAFONIX, a large-scale, participatory and sustainable music project in the heart of the Brussels Marollen/Jonction district. Departing from our neighborhood’s musical ‘DNA’, we’ve formed an adventorous ensemble for instruments and voices in collaboration with local actors.

Choirs, percussions, brass players, deejays, dancers, scenographers, amateur and professional musicians and artists; MEGAFONIX unites existing music bands and repertories, but also the individual desire to make music.
The result is a participatory concert with more or less 100 persons on stage, led by professional composers and musicians. Intercultural, intergenerational, interdisciplinary, interactive, inter… In short: young, old, amateur, professional, old Belgians, new Belgians, future Belgians, not Belgian at all… Everybody is welcome!

For the occasion of ZINNEKE 2018: MegafoniX transforms into another formula: BRU(i)TAL !

Every second Thursday of the month: jam @ Pianocktail !

Artistic coordination: Vital Schraenen
External relations: Doris Razafimbelo

Plus d’info & (free) participation: