AGO Gnawa

With AGO Gnawa, MetX musician and founder Luc Mishalle gives a new twist to his passion for traditional music from North and West Africa. He surrounds himself with several musicians with whom he has built up a particularly close relationship over the years. Together they present tailor-made projects featuring gnawa music and related genres.

For some years now, Mishalles’ uncompromising sax has formed an uninhibited tandem with the spiritual singing and rhythms of Mâalem Driss Filali. As one of the leading gnawa musicians in Belgium, Filali likes to push this traditional song, dance and music culture in new directions. Think of MetX groups such as Marockin’ Brass and Karkaba or the album JOLA in collaboration with Muziekpublique.


Mishalle and Filali form a core trio with Hicham Bilali or another gnawa musician. In consultation with event organisers and programmers, they work out an original line-up and sound for each performance by inviting one or more MetX musicians or special guests.

In 2021 for example, they recorded a music video and performed feat. T.B.Wèh and BLAST @ Darna’s Winter Event in AB. And at set times, they like to explore (poly)rhythmic and melodic horizons with Jean Gnonlonfoun, a drummer, percussionist and bass player from Benin. Each time, Mishalle’s sax forms the inter-continental and trans-musical bridge in this project 100% oMIB – only Mogelijk (possible) In Bruxelles.

Line up
Luc Mishalle: tenor & soprano saxophone
Driss Filali: vocals, krakeb, sentir
Hicham Bilali: vocals, krakeb, t’bel


15/07/2022 @ Blankaartsessies – Diksmuide
+ Guest Hanane Abdallah: vocals, krakeb


28/08/2022 @ Plazey – Koekelberg
+ Guest Jean Gnonlonfoun: drums & bass guitar


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