MetX organises jam sessions throughout the city

MetX organises jam sessions throughout the city

MetX goes on tour in Brussels. Together with several cultural partners, we organise open jam sessions on various locations throughout the city. You can join other musicians, both professionals and amateurs, and tune in to a mix of musical styles straight from the belly of our capital.

Each session is being introduced by members of our MetX Jam Supreme Team. Sax player Luc Mishalle (Marockin’ Brass, Remork & Karkaba, AGO! Benin Brass) and trumpet player Laurent Blondiau (MikMâäk, Mâäk Quintet) amongst others, but also Jo Zanders (VelotroniX, BRUiTAL), Mohamed Saïd Akasri (Remork & Karkaba, Gnawa de Bruxelles) or Jean Gnonlonfoun (Marockin’ Brass, Ander Brass, AGO! Benin Brass). Together with guest musicians, they propose an accessible yet challenging repertoire that will get everybody jamming.

Want to join us?

The next jam will take place on May 26 at Darna. Would you like to receive regular updates about these and all our other sessions? Join our facebookgroup MetX Jam Supreme.

The first MetX Jam Supreme took place on March 21 at Zinnema. Nicolas Hauzeur (Brussels Balkan Orchestra), Laurent Blondiau, Jo Zanders, Esinam Dogbatse and Michel Massot took us on a jamtastic journey, mixing music from the Balkans, belching brass and (North-)African rhythms. And off course, Luc Mishalle, Jean Gnonlonfoun and our Anderlecht-based beninese brass band Ander Brass also jammed along.

The MetX Jam Supreme series originates from the Megafonix Jam Supreme, our festive start of 2019. By means of these sessions, we want to lit up the boroughs of our quirky capital together with our cultural partners. Would you like to learn more about this initiative? Contact Doris via



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